I am a woman on the verge of turning forty, who is starting to take the time to reflect on who I am, where I am and what I am doing. I have a husband and three children aged fifteen, twelve and ten and I work as a Clinical Nurse in an Emergency Department.

I have always loved reading and writing so this will suffice as my mid-life crisis. My first blog describes my motivations more closely.

I am loving this stage of parenting (now that the kids all sleep through the night, toilet and feed themselves). My husband of seventeen years has worked from home building and running his own businesses for seven years and is probably now the main carer of our children as he cooks, does their lunches and drives them to and from school and sporting activities and coaches some of their sporting teams for both club and their school. I fill in and do these things also if I’m not at work. It was my husbands desire to create his own business that saw my return to work four days a week from my quite relaxed one shift per week (if I felt like it) seven years ago.

I really love what I do, where I work and being a nurse. However there are good day’s and bad, lot’s of funny and lot’s of sad. I had my first moment recently when during a discussion with a colleague she asked how long I had been a nurse. I replied twenty-two years and she said….oh….I am twenty-two. I swear, I had my first hot flush on the spot!!! And it has started me thinking about whether or not I want to continue to be a nurse for another twenty-two years!

My blogs will be written in very simple terms, free of jargon and acronyms so the non nursing/medical world will be able to read and understand my stories. I know this will be weird for those in the know but because my blogs will have several categories I want to be able to be read and understood by all of my readers.

I hope you enjoy following my blog which will likely be filled with many parenting tales and fails. And the crazy “going’s on” from a world most of you don’t even know exists, unless you are an Emergency nurse that is!

Accidentally Bernie

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