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Life Begins at Forty.


IMG_3136If you have been reading from the start you will know that my blog has come about by my personal musings and some significant milestones and rites of passage of some family members and myself, one of which is me turning forty. Well I have finally reached the forty milestone. Which my older sister-in-law tells me is the “easy one”. And I have to agree. I have enjoyed and embraced the lead up and first month of turning forty. I believe a big part of this is attitude and a little bit of scheming on my part. I have already talked about having had my children in my twenties and my mindset has always been “life begins at forty”. See the “About” section above.

Due to a fantastic opportunity for my husband to attend an overseas conference with his company we engaged the help of my mum and dad, and abandoned our three children for three weeks and travelled to Dallas Texas, for his conference and on to New York and Hawaii for my birthday. So in my mind this very exciting trip was intricately linked with turning forty. I think Pavlov did experiments on his dog exactly like this.

There were so many firsts for me. I had only been away from the kids for one night twice before. I had never travelled overseas before and haven’t even been to all the states or capital cities of Australia. A little bit boring I know but when all my friends were doing the backpacking and traveling thing I decided I wasn’t very interested and bought my first house instead. Being a country girl from a tropical climate I experienced the cold of a New York winter and saw snow for the first time. I travelled in the biggest aeroplane I had ever been in and did the longest long haul flight in the world for my first trip. My husband did all the planning and had lots of surprises and exciting activities for us to do whilst there. Some of the highlights were visiting the old school book depository where JFK was assassinated from, seeing the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Centre Memorial site, seeing artworks by Picasso, Monet and Van Gough at the Guggenheim, seeing a show on broadway, riding the New York subway, climbing a volcano and visiting Pearl Harbour. I also have to say the shopping was fantastic.

Of course I missed my children and they missed us but they were lovingly cared for by their grandparents and they now have a little more appreciation of the effort mum and dad go to for them. My parents have also realised how much time and effort we put in, and appreciate all the effort we go to for all the things our kids do with school and sport.

Another great thing about getting older is the long service leave that has accrued on your payslip for the last twenty something years. I added three weeks of this to my holidays this time and I am sure the eight weeks leave I have taken has helped me feel so relaxed and happy at this time in my life.

So bring it on. Loving life. Loving forty. Wouldn’t ever want to be younger than thirty ever again. Happy, healthy, financially secure, with good friends and a happy healthy loving family, what more could anyone ask for? I’m a very lucky lady and I know, appreciate and give thanks for it everyday.

Stay safe, be happy

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