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Secret Santa.


What age is too old to still believe in Santa?

With Christmas fast approaching I worked out how many child free shopping day’s I had left before the end of the school year and this got me thinking about how old my children are now and how much easier it would be if my boys would just work it out for themselves about Santa’s true identity.
When this happens I plan on having a budget and they can have a say in what they get and can even help pick something out and try things on too.
Of course I won’t be able to resist having some surprises under the tree also.
But it will definitely be easier and give me more time to shop instead of having to have it all done by the end of november.
So I have realised that I still have two believers and it is probably too close to Christmas to break the news/their little hearts now.
So my plan is to sit them down and tell them both in about March next year.
Or maybe get their sister to tell them. She is a big driver in telling them as she thinks they will be teased.
The issue of how old has risen as I have some friends and fellow mothers who think that it is terrible that my boys still believe in Santa at age 12 and 11.  And this is what has prompted this blog.
I do realise that it is probably time but I do think it is lovely that they have lasted for so long as kids today seem to grow up so quickly.
When my son was in grade 5 and was 10 years old he changed to a school that goes from grade 5 to grade 12, and I knew that still believing in Santa would be a problem. But my reason for not revealing it at that stage was that he had a younger brother that would find out also, I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep the secret.
So to avoid being bullied, I told my son that when the other boys said Santa wasn’t real that he should just agree with them, but that “we knew he actually was real.”
I remember my son reaching out to me, touching my arm looking, into my eyes and saying to me, “Mum. You wanna know how I know Santa must be real because, I know you would never lie to me.” Aaawww.
How can I be the one to break the news to him now?
That was when I knew I was in trouble.
So this year is my last Christmas with “believers.”
I have mixed feelings as I think it will change the feel of Christmas when they know but on the other hand they are growing up so much. Oh bugger, then that makes me realise how old I am…..As usual in the end it’s all about me!
So let me know. How old is too old to still believe in Santa?
I would love to hear from you.
Merry Christmas,
Stay safe, be happy,