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The Guilty Mother


Monday morning and the usual chaos ensues. Only this morning it is my responsibility, with my husband heading out early for a morning meeting. He has just spent all of last week single handedly managing the mornings while I worked six early shifts straight. Even though I had to get out of bed at five fifteen a.m, six cold mornings in a row, I definitely know who had the best mornings.

So today it is my turn and it starts with the usual, the middle child attempting to fake something that might get him out of school. Hey it’s always worth a try, right? They still don’t get how hard core their mother is. Typical emergency nurse, they barely get to the doctor, let alone a day off, and they know my criteria. If it’s running it needs to be green, if it’s bleeding it needs to be spurting and if they are crying, then at least they are still breathing. So as usual the thermometer decides if he gets a day off school. Anything over 37.6 they stay at home, anything less they are going. You can’t argue with the facts. The 36.2 reading this morning ended that argument.

Then the middle child again, “Can I have tuckshop?”. Me, “No, I have already made your lunch”. You would think that would be the end of that, but no. He then spent some time searching all the spots that loose change might be placed and eventually came up with ten dollars in coins. What the hell, I was never going to go scrounging for that anyway. It wasn’t worth an argument but I made him take his lunch box too, saying only buy big lunch. Because everything else in there can be used for tomorrow. My eldest daughter is looking for her uniform, that is in the same place every day. Youngest child needed his sports gear packed for the day and he then spent some time practicing an oral presentation in which he is a politician running for office and his catch phrase is “I’m Bob and I’m not a slob”. What the hell, I’ll listen to it ONE more time, at least he’s practicing it. Unlike middle boy who you would never know even had one due.

Whilst in the middle of making breakfast the cat has jumped up and vomited on the cork heat mat in the middle of the table, causing the eldest and youngest to begin dry heaving. I could see the middle child’s mind ticking over that option to get out of school. But it wouldn’t have worked, I sent him to school Friday after a fake vomiting episode.

Just then hubby walked back through the kitchen door to give me a quick kiss goodbye before he left, at the same time I had just picked up the cork mat and turned towards the door to remove the cat vomit. Luckily collision averted as he drew back in horror and went around to the side for a goodbye kiss. As we walked out through the garage he was giving me some tips on how to get the vomit off as I dumped the whole lot into the bin. There was a look of questioning on his face which disappeared as I said “did you really want to eat with that on the table ever again?”. Good point.

So as we get into the car twenty minutes behind schedule eldest daughter is complaining about the rubbish on the radio stating “When I get a car iPod connectivity will be a prerequisite”. Youngest child realises he doesn’t have his art book and needs to go back and get it whilst middle child yelling at youngest saying we are too late already and we don’t have time to go back. Eldest daughter has now “googled” cars and is trying to give me spec’s on a cute little red one and youngest is near to tears because this will be his third strike and it will mean a Friday after school detention for him. Meanwhile middle child giving youngest child lecture on same, as eldest wanting to know where Boondal is and is it too far to go and look at a car (that we are not buying for another eighteen months!). I try to explain to youngest boy that he needs to be more responsible and that the school doesn’t like mums to bring things to school when you forget them, because they are trying to teach you how to be responsible.

Luckily we arrive at the boy’s school. As I drive off I realise we never really confirmed if I would be bringing the art book back. I think he has gotten out of the car thinking I will. Then on to my daughters school where she is dropped off late. It doesn’t take long for the tranquility of only peak hour morning traffic to be broken by a phone call, through the hands free of course, but I can also see my phone screen light up with a little red car! Confusion ensues as I am trying to comprehend how from looking at a car web site the owner has now got my phone number? And is calling me. I tentatively answer only to find that it is my son calling from the school office to say he has forgotten his diary and I need to bring it up to school for him when I bring up his brother’s art book. Earlier lecture forgotten apparently.

And as it turns out, I also have a new wallpaper of a little red car, on the front screen of my phone!

All the way home I struggle with the “Will I or won’t I” decision. I really don’t want to take these books to school because they need to learn the consequences of their actions and that when I am telling them to pack their bags the night before that it is a good idea. When I return home to the debris of “morning” and see these required items sitting beside where their bags had been, and frustration wins the day. I decide to txt both boys to say I’m not bringing their books up to them. I feel sick with the guilt of not making the effort. I believe in the long run it will be a good tough lesson but I feel terrible that they will be in trouble. Then I think, it will be his third time so he deserves it. A boss in the future won’t give him three chances.

So as I send the txt’s I here a phone “beep” coming from the kitchen. At that point I need someone to “beep” me out”!!!!

So I decide to call the school office and tell them that my boy’s will be coming in asking for these books. The lady in the office completely gets it and agrees with me and she will tell them I’m not bringing them up. Unfortunately I still feel like the worst mother in the world right now. Let’s hope that tomorrow morning, today’s lesson is in effect.

Stay safe, be happy,